Career Breaks, Maternity, Paternity & Career Transition Coaching

Careers progress through many different stages and offering some support to valued employees as they experience key career transitions is beneficial for employees and employers alike.

Employees often express feelings of uncertainty, vulnerability and a lack of knowledge of what is possible, acceptable and available during such transitions. External, independent and confidential coaching can help provide the right environment and headspace for discussing and planning key transitions and gaining valuable insights and support.

Maternity coaching

Our maternity coaching specialists have experienced maternity transitions in their professional lives and bring an informed and empathetic approach to their coaching. They offer independent and confidential career support before, during and after maternity leave. Sometimes clients are unclear about how they will experience the maternity transition and their exact needs, which is understandable with this life event, so we offer a flexible coaching programme and it can be delivered face to face, by phone or via Skype.

The focus of the coaching is on enabling a successful transition from and back to work, and clients often work on exploring and defining career priorities and goals, how they will communicate and keep in touch during maternity leave, work and home boundaries, their career and personal values, development needs and upskilling, working patterns and how best to integrate their work and home commitments and responsibilities. It is often a key time to take stock and look objectively at career progression and planning. Our coaches support this process and can integrate some psychometric tools that explore work preferences, motivations and talents. In this way, each programme is flexible and to suit individual needs.

Paternity Coaching

With the positive introduction of Shared Parental Leave, we also provide paternity coaching for expectant and new fathers to assist with planning and managing paternity leave to ensure a successful transition and a confidential space to have an objective and open discussion.

Career Breaks and Sabbaticals

Career breaks and sabbaticals can be an ideal opportunity to re-evaluate careers and progress and our coaches can help individuals take stock and plan their next career steps.

Organisations our clients have joined include:

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