Executive coaching for your talent

CB TalentManagement web banner1We specialise in providing coaching for your talent and aspiring professionals at all stages of their career. We work on developing strong partnerships, based on trust and rapport, to help individuals plan and progress their careers and perform at their very best. Our approach is both supportive and challenging, creating stretching coaching goals and an open and honest dialogue that enables clearer insights into strengths and development needs. This is often underpinned by the use of psychometric tools and techniques, giving individuals a broader understanding of their capabilities, preferences and talents.

Our one to one coaching provides a focused space for individuals to work on building confidence and skills. Proactive performance and leadership development coaching positively invests in your current and emerging talent enhancing creative problem solving, clarity of thinking and retention. Alongside helping individuals feel valued and encourages higher levels of commitment there a number of key benefits for organisations and individuals:

  • Improved performance as individuals are more focused on personal development and career progression
  • Better informed succession planning as coaching assists with identifying individuals who not only have the potential to progress into team and senior management roles, but also the commitment to do so.
  • Enhanced employee wellbeing as individuals can raise and gain advice and assistance in resolving day to day issues in relation to their role, manager and team.


We enjoy seeing individuals develop and grow and those who benefit the most are proactive in setting a challenging agenda and following up on commitments.

Organisations our clients have joined include:

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